Timber Furniture: Built to Last a Lifetime


Just one of the many benefits afforded to you by premium quality timber furniture lies in its durability: these are professional grade pieces expertly designed by artists and makers who are dedicated to delivering consistent quality work, deeply value the virtues of longevity, and are committed to furniture built to last a lifetime. Despite often varying in style – be it minimal or extravagant – any piece of top grade timber offered by a Melbourne timber yard lends itself to serving as an integral part of a strong and timeless piece of furniture, one that has been meticulously crafted in order to last for many years to come.

Good timber furniture – projects of passion that have been assembled utilising time honoured techniques and are underpinned by incredible attention to detail in conjunction with solid craftsmanship – leave nothing short of a lasting and positive impression. Here at Timber Search, our team of specialists and experts are proud to provide a wide and diverse client base – across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors – with both brand new and reclaimed timber. Based in Melbourne, our timber yard is an industry leading supplier of high quality timber – one our customers can trust and depend on for reliable timber in building furniture designed to last.

When it comes to timber for any of your furniture needs right here in Melbourne, look no further than Timber Search: we have been supplying both homes and businesses with the highest quality timber for over two decades. Whether you are after brand new timber for the latest furniture addition to your home or are hoping to add a touch of rustic charm by breathing new life into a unique and custom made piece of furniture made from premium reclaimed timber, our Melbourne yard is sure to have all your needs comprehensively covered.

Selecting the Right Timber Accents for Your Room


Timber accents can work wonders for transforming almost any space, and making sure you select the right one for your room is of vital importance when it comes to maintaining an atmosphere. Thanks to timber accents, keeping a consistent feel is easy. For a Scandinavian influenced interior right here in Melbourne, try incorporating some light and natural timber cladding from your local timber yard – a virtual must have accent for achieving this look. In fact, you may already – albeit unknowingly – have some timber accents of your own found in your home, with exposed timber shelving or beams doing the trick. If not, look into adding a few pops and pieces of timber here and there, such as a wooden stool or the ever popular pairing of a timber and leather strap shelving: these subtle accents will serve to add warmth and an increasingly organic texture to your room.

As one of the easiest materials to work with, premium quality reclaimed timber offered by trusted and reputable timber merchants can provide any number of rooms with a beautiful and elegant yet highly inexpensivetouch of class. With itswarmth and beauty – when coupled with a strong sense of familiaritythat draws people in – the highly unique look of recycled timber invokes a natural response. For thatold world charm that withstands the test of time, look no further than second hand timber for your room accents. It’s extremely versatile, working effectively across a whole host of differing styles – ones ranging from industrial to country-esque: it all comes down to what you match your accents with. Create an industrial look by pairing your timber with iron, concrete, or stainless steel. For the look and feel of the country, add stone or marble accents while incorporating a softer textured timber flooring set.

The Importance of Consulting a Timber Merchant Prior to Beginning Your Building Project


When it comes to any building project – be it commercial, residential, or industrial – in any shape, size, or scope, engaging with a timber merchant and seeking advice prior to construction is of vital importance. The importance of remaining in close consultation with an experienced team of professionals throughout the entire building process – especially during preliminary conferences and primary outlines – simply cannot be overstated. With the help of friendly and knowledgeable staffclose on hand, your building project will effectively be guaranteed a head start in addition to an ultimately sound and satisfying conclusion for all parties involved.

To get your building project off the ground, look to specialist contractors and expertly trained builders that offer their industry leading services to a diverse client base that spans a whole host of professional sectors. Operating from a large number of locations all across Melbourne, highly reputable timber merchants well versed in the entire range of both brand new and recycled timber uses and applications can ensure you are afforded total peace of mind. When it comes to keeping your building project firmly on track, experienced timber merchants based in Melbourne are there to offer you various ways in which to quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively begin your building plans.

In working closely with you, they will be able to discuss the different species and unique varieties of timber – hardwoods, softwoods, and composite materials – in conjunction with their various uses as timber poles, posts, and beams. A qualified and highly skilled timber merchant can also look into and comprehensively explore the numerous avenues and options available to you in regards to utilising recycled timber, as well as helping you decide on the exact kind of timber that is best suited to serve you – that ideal piece for your specific job and architectural plans.

Five Factors to Consider When Selecting Timber Flooring


Thanks to its aesthetic appeal and increased degrees of durability, timber flooring serves as a fantastic choice for covering any space. However, choosing the right kind of timber is of incredible importance: brand new timber, reclaimed timber, and second hand timber flooring all possess their own unique differences. These options all serve to affect not only the look of your room but choosing one over the other has certain practical applications, as well. For example, is your selected timber flooring of choice hard enough to wear and withstand increased traffic and high volumes of footfall? As such, the following five factors should be taken into consideration when it comes to purchasing any timber flooring for sale in Melbourne – be it discount or otherwise.

Colour: many varieties of timber each have their own unique colour. It’s vitally important to take the time to consider which particular colouring and shading will most suit the atmosphere you’re after for your room of choice.

Grading: Timber is available in a variety of grading – that is, the textural characteristics of the floor. This includes the type of grains, and variations in colour, as well as both the size and quantity of knots.

Hardness: It’s also important to select a timber that has the appropriate hardness so that it can sustain the applications you require of it. This is, of course, entirely dependent on where you’d like to install your timber flooring. Hardwoods and softwoods are two options available to you with varying properties.

Style: Wider boards; timber flooring strips; darker textures – working with differing styles of timber is a simple and cost effective method of totally changing a room’s feel.

Finish: Matte, high shine, and more subtle sheens are just some of the surface finishes on offer when looking to alter a space’s atmosphere.

Finding Inspiration for Building Furniture Pieces From Used Timber at Your Local Timber Yard

When it comes to building furniture from used timber, finding inspirationat any timber yard in Melbourne couldn’t be easier:with truly great designs and tremendous aesthetic appeal, second hand timber has been used throughout the years as a highly customisable solution to a wide variety of furniture needs. Opting for used timber affords you an endless array of crafting possibilities for decorative and ornate yet highly functional pieces perfectly suited to any home or office setting.

In fact, second hand timber offers numerous advantages over its freshly cut counterpart: it’s harder, stronger, and more durable than virgin timber. As an environmentally friendly option, it also gives new life to old lumber: rather than ending up in a landfill, timber yards all over Melbourne utilise discarded timber in order to give a new lease of life that lasts for generations to one part of a truly one of a kind furniture piece. Ultimately, recycling timber such as second hand flooring effortlessly works wonders in helping the environment: it effectively saves energy by needing less natural resources to use it in a furniture project as opposed to new lumber. Not only does used timber result in fewer carbon emissions, it also offers your furniture a wonderfully unique and antique look. Quite simply, it is just not possible to accurately duplicate the look, scent, and feel of reclaimed timber: it adds a distinctive and authentic character to each and every furnituredesign and piece.

Utilising environmentally friendly used timber from any one of Melbourne’s many quality timber yards serves as an excellent way of maximising both the beauty as well as the functionality of any furniture project: you can simultaneously reduce the impact of your carbon footprint while also adding a strong sense of good old fashioned character to your furniture’s design.