Brushbox Floorboards for Furniture Timber, Flooring, Lining & Made furniture

  • Width: 165mm ; Thickness: 15mm
  • Length – Min: 0.5 m ; Max: 3.5 m
  • Suggested Use: Floorboards,Tabletop, Benchtop, Lining
  • Species: Brushbox
  • Source: Recycled
  • Condition: Air Seasoned
  • SKU Code: TTTTP-1230

Description: This product is machined from rare recycled timber into overlay floor boards. We can supply as a made piece of furniture for a table top or benchtop.

  • Profile: Tongue & Groove
  • Grade: Select
  • Surface Condition: Dressed
  • History: Wharf demolition
  • Download info Product_Info_SKU-TTTTP-1230

img_0268 Brushbox for Floorboards img_0266 Brushbox for Floorboards img_0271 Brushbox for Floorboards

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