New Blackbutt for Decking & Pergola use


  • Width: 190mm ; Thickness: 35mm
  • Length – Min: 1.2 m ; Max: 4.5 m
  • Suggested Use: Decking Pergola
  • Species: Blackbutt
  • Source: New
  • Condition: Kiln Dried
  • SKU Code: TTTTP-1309

Description: DECKING SEASON IS UPON US! The best and quickest way to add value to your house is by building a deck. These new Blackbutt boards are a premier product- kiln dried with rounded edges, in long lengths- they’re ready to install then oil for a superb extension the your house.

img_0785_Blackbutt for Decking, Pergola img_0946_Blackbutt for Decking, Pergola img_0940_Blackbutt for Decking n Pergola

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