New Plantation Blackbutt for Decking & Pergola use.


  • Width: 140mm ; Thickness: 35mm
  • Length – Min: 2.7 m ; Max: 4.5 m
  • Suggested Use: Decking & pergola
  • Species: Blackbutt
  • Condition: Kiln Dried
  • SKU Code: TTTTP-1305

Description: Available in set lengths from 2.7m to 4.5 metres. Also available in 190×35 & 90x35mm. If you’re considering building a deck this is the premium decking product. New timber, Kiln Dried with pencil round edges, sap and knot free. This timber will last decades in the weather. High BAL fire rating for those building in bush fire zones. Timber looks beautiful once oiled and at 35mm thick it is a very solid, well engineered board.

  • Profile:Pencil Dressed Edge
  • Grade: Select Decking
  • Surface Condition: Dressed
  • Source: New, Plantation
  • Download info Product_Info_SKU-TTTTP-1305

bbt_190x35 Blackbutt for Decking Blackbutt for Decking

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