Tasmanian Oak

  • Source: Melbourne recycled floors
  • Grade: Select AAA tongue and groove and non sanded and non-modern lacquer coating
  • Sizes: 108 and 133mm X 19mm
  • Lengths: random room size lengths up to 4.5m

Redwood (Californian)

  • Source: 85 year old Otways plantation
  • Grade: A Grade pure heartwood (red/brown) B Grade heartwood / sapwood mix C Grade all sapwood (light white coloured)
  • Sizes: 90/140/190mm by tongue and groove.
  • Lengths: up to 5.1m

Cypress Californian

  • Source: Farm fenceline plantations
  • Grade: Select. Tightknot / Clears
  • Sizes: 130/170mm X 19mm
  • Lengths: Up to 4.2m