Recycled Jarrah for Cladding, Joinery & Furniture, Lining Use


  • Width: 250mm ;  Thickness: 40mm
  • Length – Min: 0.9 m ; Max: 3.0 m
  • Suggested Use: Furniture Timber for Cladding, Joinery & Furniture, Lining.
  • Source: Recycled
  • Species: Jarrah
  • Condition: Air Seasoned
  • SKU Code: TTTTP-1260

Description: Original wharf grey skins can create a really unique look. The timber can be lightly sanded to reveal some of the rich color of the wood or left as is to show off the old patina. This product has been machines to size with the edges standardised so the boards can be joined with ease.

  • Grade: Feature, Joinery & Furniture
  • Profile: Twin Edged
  • Surface Condition: Raw
  • History: Princes Pier
  • Download info Product_Info_SKU-TTTTP-1260

img_0379 Jarrah for Cladding

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