Recycled Turpentine for Pergola, Posts Use


  • Width: 250 to 350mm ; Thickness: 250 to 350mm
  • Length – Min: 3.0 m ; Max: 6.0 m
  • Suggested Use: Pergola, Posts, Poles, Furniture Made for Outdoor seats
  • Species: Turpentine
  • Source: Recycled
  • Condition: Air Seasoned
  • SKU Code: TTTTP-1302

Description: This beam has been milled out of an old wharf pole. We have run a band-saw over 2 faces and kept the original face. This is called twin-edging. What is created is a beam that has both the exposed raw woood on the cut (flat side), and then it also feature’s the original round from the pole. These beams could be used to create some really dramatic structures. It is very strong, stable, weather-proof timber.

  • Profile: Twin Faced Sawn
  • Grade: Structural
  • Surface Condition: Raw
  • History: Wharf demolition
  • Download info Product_Info_SKU-TTTTP-1302

Turpentine for Pergola n Posts turps_300_x300 Turpentine for Pergola n Posts

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