On Sale: Recycled Jarrah Cores for Benchtops, Furniture Timber, Mantels


  • Width: 250-300mm ; Thickness: Various: from 45-100mm
  • Length – Various: From, 500mm to 2.8m
  • Suggested Use: Window sill, coffee table top, fire place mantels, shelving, bench seats.
  • Species: Jarrah
  • Source: Original Wharf Timber
  • Condition: Raw – Air Seasoned
  • SKU Code: TTTTP-1429
  • Sale product

Description: Truely a great buy- discounted to $50 per metre. Visit yard to select your own piece. Timber can be used for many projects.

Some of the photo examples have been sanded and oiled to show off the deep color and grain. A Jarrah core is made when milling an original timber beam down into a core- the mid section of the beam. Note that one edge has old bolts embedded into it. Sometimes these bolts can be used a decretive feature or they can be cut off flush with the timber edge.

  • Grade: Select
  • Surface Condition: Raw or can Sanded to a smooth finish
  • History: Princess Pier Wharf timber

IMG_1509 IMG_1513 IMG_1506 IMG_1520 IMG_1505

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