Selecting the Right Timber Accents for Your Room


Timber accents can work wonders for transforming almost any space, and making sure you select the right one for your room is of vital importance when it comes to maintaining an atmosphere. Thanks to timber accents, keeping a consistent feel is easy. For a Scandinavian influenced interior right here in Melbourne, try incorporating some light and natural timber cladding from your local timber yard – a virtual must have accent for achieving this look. In fact, you may already – albeit unknowingly – have some timber accents of your own found in your home, with exposed timber shelving or beams doing the trick. If not, look into adding a few pops and pieces of timber here and there, such as a wooden stool or the ever popular pairing of a timber and leather strap shelving: these subtle accents will serve to add warmth and an increasingly organic texture to your room.

As one of the easiest materials to work with, premium quality reclaimed timber offered by trusted and reputable timber merchants can provide any number of rooms with a beautiful and elegant yet highly inexpensivetouch of class. With itswarmth and beauty – when coupled with a strong sense of familiaritythat draws people in – the highly unique look of recycled timber invokes a natural response. For thatold world charm that withstands the test of time, look no further than second hand timber for your room accents. It’s extremely versatile, working effectively across a whole host of differing styles – ones ranging from industrial to country-esque: it all comes down to what you match your accents with. Create an industrial look by pairing your timber with iron, concrete, or stainless steel. For the look and feel of the country, add stone or marble accents while incorporating a softer textured timber flooring set.

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